What Is ShowRelay?

ShowRelay is a video streaming service that can supply live and on demand shows allowing theatres and other venues to expand their audiences online. We offer streaming of both free and pay to view content with music royalties paid to original artists. We also support the ability to donate to artists, where you would normally pay for a ticket, allowing artists to help cover the costs of their equipment.

How Much Does ShowRelay Cost?

Some shows are free to watch (though you will need to add free shows to your library through the shopping cart) and some are charged per view. You can see their price by going to Shows and clicking on the appropriate show. The price will be by the add to cart button. You can see the rental terms on purchase though most are watched within 30 days of purchasing the rental. Once you've started watching you then have a set amount of time to finish before that rental expires, normally 24 hours.

How Do I Watch Shows?

You can login to our website anytime and anywhere in the UK. Videos are streamed to your browser and live videos can be paused and rewound. You are only limited by the finish time of the rental but you can always rent a show again. More detailed instructions can be found here.

Would You Publish Our Show?

We are always on the look out for shows to publish. We evaluate each one based on artistic content and previous sales, plus there are minimum technical requirements for both live and on demand recordings to ensure maximum audience satisfaction.
  • Live / Recorded Streams
    • 1080p 25fps - Can drop down to 720p if there is limited internet capacity, you can send us a 1080p recording after the event to swap with the lower quality live footage. For 1080p you will need a minimum of 10mbps upload speed.
    • Multicamera - Recommended 4 cameras through a vision switcher; 1x Wide, 1x Close Up, 2x On Stage (for bands one on drums and or keys etc)
    • High quality coherent sound mixed professionally with vocals heard and understood with appropriate delays in place to ensure the timings of vocals match the video (clapperboards are partially designed for this use). Can be analogue or digitally mixed.
    • Stage or studio lighting with coloured effects are preferred to make shows more exciting to viewers but this is at artistic discretion. There must be enough front light to see the definition of faces without bleeding or exposure issues created on camera.
    • High quality video encoder that doesn't lower the colour saturation of the feed to encode into OBS studio (or other studio software). Brands such as Elgato, Cloner Alliance etc.
If you don't have the recording equipment or are unsure then please get in touch, we can supply it as a hire or come in and film for you.
Please note there are charges for filming and putting it online for processing (both live and on demand), on sales and donations and a minimum return expected per month. Each element is separately charged to allow maximum flexibility. We are working on the following example: If venues that want to sell tickets through their own box office to watch on our site the charges will be less than if sold through our box office system. We can operate two box offices simultaneously.
If you are interested and want more information or want to discuss the costs please get in touch.