Privacy Policy

Latest Update 04.06.2020
For our website to work we need certain information from you. We gather the bare minimum needed to operate the service but sometimes you might interact through other sites which supply us with additional services such as Facebook, Stripe or Mux. This data is stored in a database that only our developers can access. Staff must use the administration panel which limits what they can see.
Default Information Gathered
Every visitor to the site is assigned a random identifier number (a session) which can contain your shopping cart and or login information. We may use this to track how people use the site and make sure it runs efficiently and without error.
We do not sell your information to other providers and we try and use service providers that follow the same ethics though this is not always possible. Our site is not funded by your data but by payments made.
Register An Account
When you register for a user account we get a little more information that is stored in a database. You have the choice over what information you give.
We take security very seriously so have setup SSL encryption across the entire site which helps prevent your data being viewed when on public networks. Our payment provider uses cookies and sessions to look for and identify fraudulent activity and protect your money. You can see their privacy policy here. They only gather this information when accessing the shopping cart or when you view your order.
Our video server service provider uses cookies and sessions to track views which is used to identify errors. You can see their privacy policy here. This information is only gathered when watching videos. We also gather data regarding when and how much of a video you watch, this is so we can make accurate payments for music licenses. This data is consolidated to the information needed and then removed from the database.
Using Facebook
If you login or register with a Facebook account you can read their privacy policy here. We save your user ID, email address and an identifier given to us by Facebook to protect your account.
reCaptcha - Google
We use Google's reCaptcha service on our registration, login and contact forms to protect our mailboxes and databases from spam. They need user browsing data to decide if you are a person browsing the site or a bot. You can see their privacy details here
Legal Requests
We operate in the UK under UK law. When requested to by law enforcement we may transfer data to them when lawfully requested.